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Scotland or Ireland, and Finland are the 19th century origins of the two families but for this site the prime locations are the cities of Chatham and Marquette in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Ties to the "old country" faded with the passing of the first arrivals although Kallios had annual reunions in the 90s and early 21st century, with a Kallio family tree created by Ken and Irene Wedell, from which I heavily draw.

Martha Kallio and Floyd Ferguson were both born & raised in Chatham although there is a fuzzy, to me, relationship with nearby Munising. By the early 40s they were living in coastal Marquette where their 8 children were born. Their home from 1945 was 415 Craig Street on the south side, until their deaths in 1990 and 2005. With grandchildren they came to be called Nanny & Papa and were well-loved and respected by family, friends & neighbors.

Using the links below you can browse a limited look at the parents of Floyd & Martha, early days in Chatham, Marquette, siblings, children, grand children, great grandchildren, relatives, friends and neighbors. There is far less documentation on the Ferguson side.

(photo: Chatham, Michigan 1920s(?)
Family Tree

John Jacob Kallio,
Justina Wilhelmina  click
George Bernard Ferguson, Marguerette June Machesney    click Walter Kallio, Alma Hill  click

Floyd Wedlock Ferguson (Papa)    click

Martha Kallio (Nanny)  click

Floyd's Siblings   click

Martha's Siblings         click

Floyd & Martha's  Friends   click    

Chatham, Michigan
Chatham is the birthplace of Floyd and Martha, a very small town which, in 1925, suffered the old sad story of kids playing with fire, much of the town destroyed.

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  Chatham photos

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Marquette, Michigan
Marquette is located on the south shore of Lake Superior, a unique setting. There are two harbors, with one "ore dock" (still servicing nearby mines), islands, rivers, inland lakes and is quite hilly making for an interesting cross-town drive in winter with its 200+ inches of annual snowfall. Summers are very mild, often too short and cool for the natives who have endured the winter and expect  some summery reward.

  Marquette  photos
Nanny Papa Children
Marriage, family,.... 415 Craig Street, Marquette, Michigan  click

Gus (Darlene Alma)   click

Spouse & Kids    click
Patty Ann                   click
Spouse & Kids    click
Thomas Howard        click
Spouse & Kids    click
Dusty (Harold)           click
Spouse & Kids    click
Steven                        click
"adopted" Kids    click
Marcia 1958 -1970    click
Lost Infants, Floyd James & unnamed 1950, 1953     click
The railroad tressell to the "ore dock" in the mid-right has been dismantled since this photo was taken. Neither is the Union National Bank building still there, though the bank is, in a newer, less interesting structure. The harbor has been developed, transformed from a utilitarian site for coal delivery (see huge piles of coal), ore transport and commercial fishing to a pleasure boat harbor and a charming park used for festivals and other community gatherings, sur- rounded by up-scale condos, bike-paths and restaurants. Summers are sweet 'n mild, winters... ah, challenging (see Chatham photo above).